Reel 2014

This is it. This is my Showreel for 2014 with my best works made in the last four years. I work as a designer in the field of animation and graphic design. I’m able to fit in with a team and have experience in being assigned to specific team roles, such as drafting, planning, production and post-production. My focus is mainly in fields of 3D-creation and postproduction, but i also enjoy to work in the web and print design field. In 3D, I focused on model­ling, rigging, animation, shading, light­ing and rendering. I also developed an understanding for particle systems and fluid simulations. I love what I do and I think it shows that. Have fun!

Everything is done by myself if not otherwise stated in the lower left corner.

Feel free to say Hi and contact me if you have any further questions:

Designed and edited by Michael Schiffelholz, >>, Music by Alt-J - Breezeblocks Crywolf Remix

Thanks to all my friends. A special thanks to Stefan Heigl for his important support making this Reel better and better. Many thanks for your advice: Cornelius Dämmrich, Leo Bergmann, Mark Welch, Marlon Klein, Andreas Delics, Nico Thiebes, Thomas Schelzig and Sabrina Pohl.