Student project of five classmates from the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg. Circle is a fulldome short movie made for the Sparkassen-Planetarium Augsburg. It was made completely in 3D and was intended to project onto a 360° canvas. The fact that we needed footage with an angular degree of 360° made it very experimental, because many Compositing Softwares don't support this camera view. The rendering was made with VRay.
My part of the project was the Look Development of the main character with FumeFX and cebas thinkingParticle. In addition I've made some models for the city and the animation of the character. Luckily we were featured in the local newspaper Augsburger Allgemeine with our project, because of the sheer amount of rendering time we had to accomplish for the movie. (8K Resolution)

>> Link Augsburger Allgemine

Software used: Autodesk 3Ds Max, cebas thinkingParticles, FumeFX, Adobe Master Collection, The Foundry Nuke

Year published: 2010