For a new founded automobile manufacturer named E-Wolf, a promotional film was created by Liquid – Agentur für Gestaltung GbR, an agency from Augsburg, Germany. The movie was produced for the world premiere on the IAA – Internationale Automobil Ausstellung in Frankfurt. In addition, Liquid developed the new corporate design for E-Wolf. "Das Lebende Buch – The Living Book" (custom installation, developed by Liquid especially for presentational purposes) showed the visitors possibilities of an electronical sports car and how it works. During my intership I was engaged in the hole process of concept and design. Based on the concept of a Wolf, several short films were made, which took place during the dusk.

My main work was the compositing of the scenes and 2D animation of short animated texts, which explained the functionality of the car. In addition, I developed a full customized DVD menu, which was given for free on the booth. The team was involved in designing and construction of the booth for IAA Frankfurt 2009 and eCarTec 2009.

Development: July till September 2009 with about five Team members.

Software used: Adobe Master Collection, trapcode Particular, DVD Studio Pro, Cinema 4D, Rhino, Varied Cinema 4D Plugins

Year published: 2009